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Installation Fee : HK$900

Model W450 Fresh AirFlow Purifier is quiet and equipped with a heavy duty centrifugal fan with its backward turning impeller which is more powerfull and more effective in raising the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) to a higher level. It is window-mounted, and installed inside the unit. Suitable for most homes, and because of its power, especially suitable for classrooms, offices, clinics and shops.

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 340 × 450 × 650 mm
CADR (Clean Air Deliver Rate)

462 cubic meters per hour

Living Area

84 square meters


25/45 DBA measured at 2 meters


Touch On/Off, Ultra Red Light Remote Control




White (custom colour – optional)

Automated Control

By sensor (F390/W450/C390)

Manual Control

On/Off by remote control

Power Cable

1.8 meter (white)

Power Supply

AC220-240 50-60 HZ

Power Watts


AIRO2 Filter Prices

W450 Filters

AIRO2 Filter Life Time

AIRO2 Filter Life Time


3 years complimentary warranty (parts and labour)

Refund Policy

100% refund on air purifier if not satisfied within 30 days (not including filters and installation charge)

For Schools

Poor outdoor air quality, unpleasant temperature, high humidity, mosquitoes nuisance and traffic noise have compelled schools in Hong Kong to convert naturally ventilated classrooms to air-conditioned classrooms.

An air-conditioned classroom does not block off outdoor air pollutants or bring in fresh air from the outside.

In fact, most air-conditioned classrooms contain air pollutants that exceed the ASHRAE CO2 standard (1000 ppm) and the WHO PM 2.5 standard (10/25 ug/M3).

Poor indoor air quality SBS (sick building sydromes) in classrooms could increase risks of infectious diseases among students, such as respiratory problems, skin irritation, fatigue and difficulty in concentration.

The unique design of AIRO2 Fresh AirFlow Purifier Model W450 ensures an adequate supply of purified fresh air and significantly reduces air pollutants in the classroom.  Better air quality in the classroom may noticeably improve students’ health, reduce absenteeism and enhance academic achievement.

Committed Performance

Ventilation Standard (ASHRAE standard)
Maintain Indoor CO2 Concentration under 1000 ppm
Purification Standard (WHO standard) Maintain indoor air PM2.5 under 10 ug/m3
For proposed purchase of 10 air purifiers and above one air purifier is provided for 30 Days Performance Free Trial

Procedure to Switch ON/OFF Unit

  1. Connect the air purifier to power supply AC 220/240 / V 50-60 HZ
  2. On/Off control : Press the RED POWER KEY on the LED remote control or press the POWER KEY (at bottom right corner) on the LED display panel.
  3. Press the up and down ARROW KEY on the LED remote control to achieve fan speed 1 t0 5.
  4. Speed number is shown at the bottom of the LED display panel.

Automatic Control

  1. When relative humidity is above 80%, High Humidity Mode light (under RH) will be ON and relative humidity will automatically maintain under 80%.
  2. When incoming air temperature is under 18C, Low Temperature Mode light (under C) will be ON and incoming purified air temperature will automatically maintain at about 20C.

Manual Warm Air Control Mode

  1. Press the M key on the LED remote control to activate heater from 0 to 4 to raise incoming purified air temperature up to about 30C.
  2. Manual Warm Air Control Mode will be denied when incoming purified air temperature is 28C or above.

Manual Air Conditioning Adaptation Mode

Press AC when air conditioner is ON to activate Air Conditioning Adaptation Mode.

Filters Clogging Indicator

When the small ball at the bottom of the LED display panel retreats behind the original position (same fan speed with new filters) indicates time for change of filters.

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