Our Story

Founded in Hong Kong, PM2.5 Limited were established in 2014 out of necessity to fulfill one family’s promise to provide the best care for their children. In 2010, when our youngest grandchild Ryan was suffering from debilitating asthma symptoms and losing sleep because of irritable skin inflammations, we changed his diet, limited his outdoor exposure, and bought the best leading brand of indoor air purifiers.

While Ryan saw some improvement, the solutions available were not all very effective and his quality of life didn’t meet our standard. We delved deep into our own research of air pollution when the best medical professionals came up short of effective long-lasting solutions and with the help of industry-leading engineers, Team AIRO2 built the first AIRO2 prototype and gave Ryan the only long-lasting solution. 

Since then PM 2.5 Limited has been granted six patents in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and we have successfully manufactured eight AIRO2 models. Designed and engineered specifically for Hong Kong and the rest of Asia, our patented fresh air purifiers provide a fresh airflow solution for almost any residential and commercial building, new or old. You can feel the difference in indoor air quality with AIRO2 installed. 

Our growing list of satisfied clients include small businesses, educational institutions, and of course everyday families looking to provide their children excellent indoor air quality, rich in oxygen and filtered of harmful pollutants. You can breathe easy. You can breathe well with AIRO2. 

Sincerely yours,

Team AIRO2


Our products are the total solution for providing quality indoor air with stable, fresh and purified air from outdoor air to accommodate different kinds of premises such as homes, schools, clinics, shops and offices.

High Quality Filters

Use high quality, up-to-standard filters that filter air twice. Ensure no pollutants and harmful particles indoor.

Patent Protected

We have been granted six practical design patents in China and Hong Kong.

Quality Guaranteed

Our products have been tested by the third party certification body with the listed standards.