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Testimonials About AIRO2

“The whole flat smells fresh. No more shoe odors! The kitchen also smells clean with no more lingering oily cooking smells. Both daughters love we get fresh air inside without mosquitoes and flies coming inside.”

Lee L. , Sha Tin

“A refreshing product that has helped my son with his eczema.  He is always grabbing his face when he’s out in school, but when he’s home it seems to cool his inflammation and reduce the itching. Since we’ve installed AIRO2 in his bedroom, we have also installed another one at grandma’s place when she babysits. I am hoping to get into his school soon too!”

Leung C. , Sha Tin

“I am an elder who lives near Causeway Bay and is sensitive to dry air. I snore sometimes when I leave my window open and doctor told me it is because “of air pollution. Introduced by a friend, I used AIRO2, now I sleep peacefully at night, my throat was dry, and I lose little sleep!” 

Linda S., Causeway Bay

“Just next door, there is a whole building to start the construction of the smoke from the noon to the noon. After using your products, the room has no taste. It is not dusty for a week and it is still cool. I deeply feel that this is important for adults and children. The product wakes up every day and feels mentally. It doesn’t always feel like sleeping enough. Thank you AIRO2!”

Christine C., Jordan

“I was actually purchased and was going to use an IQ Air HealthPro 250 but after taking the time to listen to the benefits of the AirO2 “F390, I decided to go use this unit instead. What I really like is that this unit brings in outside air, creating a continuous stream of fresh air into the apartment. Within a week of having the unit installed my sinuses cleared up, I began to sleep better and feel more refreshed then I ever have before. The unit has worked perfectly and I could not be happier with the product or the service. For anyone looking to improve the indoor air quality of their apartment I would highly suggest this unit.”

Casey W., Quarry Bay

“The daughter’s room has been installed with this Airo2 fresh air filter for 3 months. The female nasal sensitivity has improved a lot, and the quality of her sleep has also improved. In addition, when using this machine, the room air is fresh and cool, and it feels so comfortable.Fresh air and no mosquitoes too!!”

P. Chiang, Happy Valley

“This air freshener is easy to operate and fully automatic, fresh Air can be brought into the room, we do aerial yoga like outdoor. Great park, quiet and comfortable feeling of nature!”

Tanny K., Owner of Flyga Yoga, Sheung Wan

“第三,可以長期開著而又慳電。 如是者到了今年初,我家中的一部冷氣壞咗,所以就令我再次考慮是否要安裝AIRO2, 於是我就找到了他們的負責人,他很堅持要第一次上來家中視察,邊一個型號最適合我家使用,



但是回到家中, 半個鐘頭內 已經感覺到敏感同不適都很快被舒緩了。我相信一般的過濾機是做不了這個效果的。最後再發現可以做到抽濕, 抽異味效果, 洗完衫冇開冷氣,冇開抽濕機都比平時清爽快乾。”

Carmen W., Jordan

“We recently got a cat, but did not know our daughter was allergic till she came back from university. We fell in love with KoKo, but needed a solution. We discovered AIRO2 at the In-Home Expo Convention and after speaking with Simon decided to purchase one. We installed an AIRO2 in our ceiling and had vents installed in our bedrooms. We recently added an extra vent in the living room, so the whole home now receives fresh air all the time. Our daughter’s itching has stopped, no sneezing, and eyes don’t water anymore. The air feels refreshing! 

Andrea L., Tseung Kwan O